Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Arachnid

So this little box of joy arrived containing, well, you know.
The parts

A quick put together
Terrible shot, I know.
But after a de-grease and priming

90% of it is being held together by friction but I used  a shot of hot glue on the hips to hold the legs in place, and of course my third hand to hold it in place.
Its a little smaller than I wanted it but its still bigger than whats in the game but it still looks pretty good as a 30 ton mech next to a 35 tonner.
I should mention that 4 machine guns will be included and 4 flamers(2 for each arm as an option) as well as 2 torso lasers.

And with the 50 ton Hunchback.
Ive heard from my caster and we have a price worked out.
In order to run this kit I have to pre-sell 15 kits at $100 each plus shipping.
I know that a little steeper than normal for a kit this size but Ive had to fork out quite a bit to have the cg files cleaned and printed.
email me if interested.

This kit has been put on hold.

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