Monday, January 20, 2014

Small Soldiers

So recently while getting familiar with Shapeways and all its goodness I came across this
Soldiers from the Robotech, sorry, Mospeada anime. Basically space soldiers in armour. Which is cool in and of itself but even cooler was that they are available in any scale. So I had some 1/60 figures printed cause maybe Id want to do a Battletech city scene diorama someday and Im NOT using the oversized figures out there that pass for 1/60.
A true 1/60 scale figure is 28mm tall.  Most of those tabletop gaming figures, and you know the ones Im talking about, stand like 32-35 mm. Way too big.
But when I got the 1/60 ones, wouldnt you know it, they were 34 mm tall.
So what to do? I ordered his 1/72 figures and they came today.
Heres a pic.
Shapeways does nice work.
And a size it up pic with a TRUE 1/60 figure.
Note that the ground crew guy is a little taller because of his base.
Heres you can see,  28 mm.  And remember this is what was labeled as a 1/72 figure. A 1/72 figure is 25mm.

and another size it up pic.
Im a little pissed about having to pay twice to get what I want but Ill just put the bigger ones on ebay to recoup my costs.

Oh and by the way, the real reason I wanted these is because Ive been looking for a figure standing with binoculars for ever so I could make this scene.
And now Im one step closer.


  1. I too am wanting to complete that scene of my own. It's probably the best figure I've seen so far, but the feet are too big for my liking. Not like it's going to jump out the Locust and ride off on a cyclone. :D

  2. I think it works, In the novels, they refer to the boots mechwarriors wear as being bulky, heavy and hard to walk in.