Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another small update, and things for sale.

Sorry for being so absentee all, but life has gotten in the way of my messy desk.
That being said Id like to let everyone who has paid for a Locust know that my caster, Bambam productions, has just let me know all is well and a box is on the way with the replacement legs.
It wont be long now all. Thanx for the patience.

Now, as I said,  life has gotten in the way.
And it is with a heavy heart that some of these mechs that Ive built need a new home.
Up for grabs:

Puma- $75(sold)
Firestarter- $55(sold)
Cyclops- $150(bought)
Panther- $65 (sold)
Awesome -$150(bought)
Hollander-$75( still a couple left)

Certain others not listed because they're spoken for. All funds in $US please.
I can be paypaled using my email address as ID.
Email me with Qs at

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