Sunday, May 8, 2011

Doing mechs

You know how it is, you're busy working on a couple of kits, ( or 3 or 4) and a nice package arrives in the mail and then you brain shifts and you forget everything else.
Well, I got another revell Dougram/ Robotech kit AKA the Griffen in the Battletech universe.

I needed one because I wanted to put my Wolverine torso on the Griffen legs because I thought the proportions would look better.
If you look at one of my older posts you"ll see the problem I had.
Well now I am happier with my Wolverine. As you can see I deviated from the norm and discarded the hand held rifle commonly associated with this mech and went with the built in auto cannon.

Of course as I was working on it I was thinking about the classic first run mechs like the BattleMaster, Marauder, Rifleman and Warhammer.
I found a few picture of a new version of the classic Thunderbolt mech that I thought worked better than the original.

That first version always seemed clunky, mis-proportioned and ungainly.
Now this new one, I dont know the origin, is it the new re-seen or a fan design? But I found myself working on the torso, trying to make it work and before I knew it I was committed to finishing it. This despite the fact that I have like 8 other mechs in various stages of constuction (and of course like 20 other Star Wars kits).
But here it is in the primer stage after 2 weeks of work.

And finally a shot for size comparison.

The 70ton Thunderbolt, 100 ton Atlas and 55 ton Wolverine


  1. Looking great. Do you have the part numbers for these models, I am desperate to get my hands on a set! :)

  2. What do you mean by parts numbers?
    At the moment none of these are available for sale.