Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hey all

Hello all.  Just a note to say I dont really have an interest in uploading to this blog anymore.

I should explain.  Its not that Im stopping with model building per se. Its this damn blog page. I cant upload pics to it anymore. I used to just take a pic with my camera and transfer it to my computer to upload to the blog.
But now thanx to windows 10, my camera wont talk to my computer. It just wont acknowledge the connection.   Ive tried every patch that was suggested but nope.   Ok so I used my phone.  A samsung  but now that wont even talk to  my computer. Win10 and Samsung hate each other and wont even look at each other.
So the last few months Ive been posting to places like Facebook, cause I can do that from my phone but quality pics they aint.   I tried that with the blog but unless Im using some google gallery I cant.
And now This blog page wont accept direct uploads from my computer, only google albums(which I dont use) from my phone(which it wont do) or from a webcam? WTF.  This is a hassle and Im fed up with it.
Thanx for all your support over the years guys, Ive really enjoyed talking to you and helping the people with question about building and Im proud of the kits you've built and shared with me.
But for now, if you want to see any builds I post It will just be on the Satrship modeler Facebook page or the  Battletech painting and customs Facebook page.
Later all.


  1. Oh man, it's a shame. I like your blog and your craft, even if you don't produce mechs anymore. Your Thor's mechs builds were pretty interesting. Also, I won Silver in a modeling competition with your Locust, so congrats on creating such a good model!

  2. Sad to see you stop. But I really appreciate the work you have done. I get to see your model of the Locust daily and it brings me joy. Good luck with what ever your future holds.