Monday, June 6, 2016

Been painting!

So like the title says, Ive been painting. Painting mechs, painting Star Wars ships and painting a mech bay.
But only a couple have reached the final weathering stage and are kinda ready to see the light of blog.
So today we get a look at my Urbie, Business Time.
Painted in a fractal, urban camouflage in the game, this little guy is equipped with an AC-10 with 40 shots  and 2 small lasers. And with an XL engine I can get his speed up to 95 kph. He is a quick little harasser . And when I break him out of the stable, I mean business.

I have him on a Death Star tile base I have but it looks so much like the HPG Manifold map terrain I couldnt resist.
More to come.


  1. This is great. Are those Thor's prints or yours?

    It indeed looks like HPG!now it only needs a starry background. With lasers.

  2. Thor's print, I dont have access to a printer so I must rely on him.