Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Little side project

I started this last weekend. I was looking at my mechs and I want something cool to display them on or just to take pics against and a mech bay was the obvious choice.
What Im doing here  is kind of an amalgam of several images found by googling mech bay. Lots bring up  the  MWO images and of course thats a prime right there, but there are a few other elements Id like to add. Like some ground crew, maybe a crane.
Also, I started to plan this as a six foot long shelf diorama but realized Id didnt have nearly enough plastic to tackle that, so I scaled back to 2 feet....and Ive run out of tube. Now I have to wait til the weekend to get to the LHS.


  1. Nice.. I am 3/4 through making a rusted warehouse background for mine. I really like the direction you took that.

  2. id love to see what you're making

  3. I often considered making large plates you could put together to make a background...like the old Death Star tiles. But our mechs are so big, it would cost as much to make a mech bay as it would a kit.

  4. well ive got shitloads of those tiles

  5. Scott,
    Could you email me I might be interested in commisioning a mech. Thanks. Bill