Thursday, March 6, 2014

35, 40, 50

While Im working on the Assault I also started on Bug Boy here.
From the same source and goes together easy.

Id love to get another one and make an X-5 version.


  1. Do you know if these will be going to casting?

  2. Im not sure, at the moment they are being printed on a by-person basis.

  3. It does not look as rough as the Cat...or is it just the pics?

  4. I recognize these from Wingnuts Cockpit blog, did he give up on production or something?

  5. Just the pics, its still rough.
    It is from Wingnuts, but I dont know the production plan.

  6. The Production of the mech is simply on a person to person basis, the guy printing them has no plans to cast them in resin.. However he is able to print them out to mech enthusiasts on a limited basis. It's not a business, so much as it was a way to get the mechs we wanted for a giant Mecha game to take to conventions that we either couldn't afford to have sculpted or no one was interested in doing.
    A few things about the plastic. It is incredibly light making it easy to pose. Many of the joints including the hips are articulate making the stance changeable. Because they are made one at a time scale is adjustable although at smaller scales detail is lost.