Sunday, November 18, 2012

Whats up.

Well at the moment not much. But I do have one of Simon's awesome Highlanders on my desk. This guy has some serious casting skills and Im looking forward to getting his new Hunchback.
Really, if you can I highly recommend picking his stuff up if he has any left.

Now onto business.
As you may know the Catapault is going to be going into the rubber next.

Im going to have Bmbam do it again and it order to get the process started once again I need start-up capital so to that effect I will be selling two of my oldest mechs.
My Armourcast Madcat and Vulture.
Now on Ebay I can get over $200 each for these guys but Id rather offer them to you guys first.
So if you are interested drop me a line at

UPDATE Both spoken for.

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